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Shandong Province

Visit Shandong province China

In July 2009 I embarked on a three-week tour around Shandong Province in eastern China. It was my first time traveling the country and it was a magical trip that turned out to be a real assault on the senses.

Old man Zhujiayu Village Shandong Province China

Zhujiayu Village, Shandong Province. July 2009.

This was long before I’d even thought of becoming a travel blogger. Consequently, it was a real challenge cobbling together the images needed for this modest series of travel reports. I also had to contend with my somewhat muddled memory. Though happily my good habit of note taking proved an invaluable resource. Anyway, I got there in the end…. just about! Take a look at my travel articles on:







I’ve also written some short stories about my Shandong escapades:

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