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Walking The Bund in Shanghai.

The Bund, Shanghai.

In the summer of 2009 I was in the midst of my first bout of traveling around China. During this time I spent a week exploring Shanghai. However, when it came to digging out those old files for blog posts, I was left wondering where the hell all my pictures were!!? Sadly, what I had just wasn’t good enough to form any kind of city guide. 

The Pudong Skyline Shanghai.

The Pudong Skyline, Shanghai.

Luckily I was able to make amends for this sorry state of affairs when I returned to the city in March 2019. Ten years on from my first visit and this time I made sure to do the place some blogging justice. Hence I made sure to hit a mixture of popular and obscure sights over an action-packed four days.

What to see and do Shanghai.

1933 Slaughterhouse.

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French Concession Part I

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Jing’an Temple 

Paul Draper Live at Yuyintang Park

Rain Room, Yuz Museum

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

The Bund

The Pudong Skyline

Waibaidu Bridge

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