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Visit Shenzhen

Shenzhen Skyline from The Pavilion Hotel.

Visit Shenzhen: The city skyline as seen from The Pavilion Hotel.

Known throughout China as The Gateway to Hong Kong, the city of Shenzhen has blossomed in recent years to become a heavyweight destination in its own right. While not exactly dripping with attractions, the city does have a modest collection of unique sights to keep visitors busy for at least a few days.

Dafen Oil Painting Village Shenzhen.

Dafen Oil Painting Village, Shenzhen.

Visit Shenzhen.

I managed to squeeze in four nights here in 2018 at the end of my cross country Chinese New Year trip. In the beginning I simply viewed it as a place to break up my long journey back to Zhejiang Province. Nevertheless, I found myself pleasantly surprised by Shenzhen. I did some shopping at the world’s greatest electronics market, paid a visit to a fascinating oil painting village and spent a day hiking around a gorgeous mountain complex of public gardens.

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