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Travel Report: Kep Crab Market, Cambodia.

December 2015. What an oddly fascinating day we’d had wandering around the Cambodian ghost city of Kep. We’d strolled across tiny Kep Beach, admired the old flaky colonial villas and walked for hours down its neglected promenade. Along the way we exchanged greetings with sittin’ doin’ nothin locals and saw the dusty old amusement park […]

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Travel Report: Cruising The Kampot River, Cambodia.

December 2015. A sunset cruise down the magical Praek Tuek Chhu River is quite possibly the most popular thing to do in the Cambodian city of Kampot. The river’s name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue for us foreigners. As a result, you’ll find most people refer to it simply as The Kampot River. Whatever you call it, […]

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Travel Report: Bokor National Park Part II, Cambodia.

Want to get the full picture? Before reading this why not start with my article: Bokor National Park Part I December 2015. As a former French hill station back in the colonial days of the 1920s, a visit to Cambodia’s Bokor National Park is all about sweeping views and abandoned buildings. This Catholic Church was […]

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Travel Report: Bayon Temple – Angkor, Cambodia.

November 2015. A day or two spent touring Cambodia’s astounding temples of Angkor is one of South East Asia’s definitive highlights. Bayon Temple, known locally as The Temple of Faces, is one of the region’s most impressive structures. This is mainly down to its wondrous 200+ carved faces! Having started my day tour with the […]

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