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Travel Report: Prasat Pram Temple, Koh Ker, Cambodia.

June 2020. The final stop of our day exploring Koh Ker’s ancient ruins came at Prasat Pram Temple. By this point we were exhausted, hot and thoroughly drenched in our own sweat. Consequently, we felt more than ready to head home, where a cold shower and swimming pool awaited us at Apsara Greenland Boutique Hotel. […]

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Travel Report: Prasat Chrap Temple, Koh Ker, Cambodia.

June 2020. It was mid afternoon by the time we rolled up at Prasat Chrap Temple. This was our eighth ancient structure of what had been a fantastic day exploring the isolated ruins of Koh Ker. Jumping out of the car, we made our way towards the entrance, where the sound of loud, passionate singing was impossible […]

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Travel Report: Prasat Banteay Pir Chaon Temple, Koh Ker, Cambodia.

June 2020. Even within the isolated and less visited temple complex of Koh Ker, Prasat Banteay Pir Chaon Temple stands as a particularly ignored structure. In many ways, there is little to set it apart from the more standard temple ruins we’ve seen throughout Cambodia. Nevertheless, there were a few details that persuaded me to […]

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Travel Report: Prasat Krachap Temple, Koh Ker, Cambodia.

June 2020. After the dramatic Prasat Thom and the curious Linga Temples, our next Koh Ker structure was Prasat Krachap. Unfortunately, details of this ruin and its history are a bit thin on the ground. Luckily, some surviving inscriptions at least tell us that it dates back to 928 and that it was consecrated in tribute […]

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Travel Report: The Linga Temples, Koh Ker, Cambodia.

The Linga Temples, Koh Ker, Cambodia. June 2020. After the breathtaking majesty of Koh Ker’s pyramid temple at Prasat Thom, I imagine some people might be a bit disappointed by The Linga Temples. In fact, this collection of five single-chamber structures is entirely understated in comparison. Nevertheless, I was fascinated and charmed by the three […]

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Travel Report: Prasat Thom Temple, Koh Ker, Cambodia.

Prasat Thom Temple, Koh Ker. June 2020. When I look back on the highlights of my Cambodia adventures, I know there’ll always be a special place for Koh Ker. While we’d had an amazing time exploring The Angkor Temples, there was something about Koh Ker that appealed to my more intrepid instincts. Scattered across an isolated jungle region of northern […]

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Travel Report: Coconut Beach – Koh Rong, Cambodia.

December 2015. What a tough afternoon’s hiking it had been over from neighbouring Nature Beach in roasting afternoon temperatures! But finally the dense jungle trail brought us out into an opening to the entrance path that leads down to Coconut Beach. My initial thought upon entering the beach was that Wonderboy and I had missed […]

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