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Travel Report: Vinh Trang Pagoda – The Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

May 2018. It was late afternoon and after a full day’s tour of The Mekong Delta our little minivan had begun rumbling its way back to the bright lights of Ho Chi Minh. We were all exhausted… unsurprisingly so. After all, we’d cruised down The Mekong River, cycled our way through Non Thanh Village and […]

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Travel Report: Nhon Thanh Village – The Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

May 2018. It had been quite the action-packed morning in The Mekong Delta. We’d cruised a gorgeous stretch of the iconic river, toured a remote brickmaking village and munched on candy and fruit at a riverside coconut workshop. Next up was some cycling around the country roads and jungle lanes of Nhon Thanh Village. I […]

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Travel Report: Nhon Thanh Coconut Candy Workshop – The Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

May 2018. Having cruised The Mekong River for a bit and toured a brickmaking community in Nhon Thanh Village, the second stop of my Mekong Delta excursion came at Nhon Thanh Coconut Candy Workshop, one of many peppered across the region. After all, the area is affectionately known throughout Vietnam as coconut country and indeed this […]

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Travel Report: Nhon Thanh Brickmaking Village – The Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

May 2018. Just about every cruise of The Mekong Delta River includes a number of cultural stops that in theory should deepen your understanding of the area’s history and culture. Choose the wrong tour and you’ll find yourself being taken to a succession of soulless, overpriced souvenir stores. For my daylong cruise with Deluxe Group […]

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Travel Report: Mekong Delta River Cruise, Vietnam.

May 2018. If you’re in Ho Chi Minh, or indeed anywhere in the south of Vietnam, you’re almost certainly thinking about a visit to the country’s iconic Mekong Delta region, an intricate maze of rivers and swamps encompassed by rice paddies and dense jungle. For many a river cruise here is one of Vietnam’s major highlights and […]

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