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Travel Report: Rock ‘N’ Roll Rescue Music Charity Shop – Camden Town, London.

May 2019. I was strolling through Camden Town with Baddi when I caught sight of Rock N’ Roll Rescue. At first glance it was simply a case of “Record store!” and I was off… gleefully heading towards it as if I still had an actual music collection I could add to. But before I even got […]

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Travel Report: Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art Alley, Berlin.

April 2013. I remember Berlin having a thriving street art scene, with murals, paintings and graffiti literally everywhere. A lot of this stuff you’ll discover naturally on buildings, bridges, doors, windows, tunnels, rubbish bins… you name it. There are also a handful of art zones, many of them delightfully under the radar back when I […]

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Travel Report: Monkey Island – Halong Bay, Vietnam.

April 2018. I really enjoyed my boat tour with Green Trail! Beginning with a cruise through the peaceful waters of Lan Ha Bay, we eventually reached Halong Bay, Northern Vietnam’s most famous waters. There we were treated to swimming, kayaking and a delicious feast of freshly prepared local food. On the way back to Cat Ba […]

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Travel Report: Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin.

April 2013. Planning a city break in Berlin? Even with the German capital’s abundance of sights, you should still try and clear a half-day in your schedule for the magnificent Charlottenburg Palace, a former 17th century royal summer residence. This exquisite baroque structure was built in 1699 and boasts opulent apartments, priceless art, historical treasures and […]

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Travel Report: Alameda Botanic Gardens, Gibraltar.

March 2017. There’s so much natural beauty in and around the town of Gibraltar! While much of the territory’s tourist love is geared around Gibraltar Nature Reserve, visitors shouldn’t miss out on the lush, fifteen-acre Alameda Botanic Gardens. They were created in 1816 by Gibraltar Lieutenant-Governor Sir George Don, a man whose sterling efforts in social […]

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Travel Report: Schwetzingen Palace Landscape Garden, Germany.

November 2008. In late 2008 I’d recently gotten married and my wife was a Dutch girl whose mother’s side of the family hailed from Deutschland. We lived in Brussels at the time and one weekend we decided to undertake the four-hour drive to Wiesental, a small village in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg. Hanging out with Grandma […]

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