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Travel Report: Great St. Mary’s Church – Cambridge, England.

May 2019. Another town, another pretty church. And like so many that have come before, Great St. Mary’s Church in Cambridge has its own unique story to make it a worthy addition to the LL library. Sat snugly between the University Senate House and Market Square, Great St. Mary’s dates back to 1205 and is […]

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Travel Report: Wren Library – Trinity College, Cambridge.

May 2019. Cambridge is a city bursting at the seams with British history. But while people flock here from across the globe to see the likes of King’s College and St. Mary’s Church, there’s an equally spellbinding sight at Trinity College that seems to have slipped a little under the radar. Dating back to 1695, […]

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Travel Report: King’s College & King’s College Chapel – Cambridge, England.

May 2019. Three times I came to Cambridge over the years for daytrips with the English summer camp I worked at in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Three times I arrived with a busload of excitable Belgian teenagers. Three times the director kindly offered me the choice of a) accompanying the rabble in their visit to King’s College, […]

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Travel Report: Barrington Village – Cambridgeshire, England.

Reading from China? This travel report contains a YouTube video, which can only be viewed with a VPN! May 2019. I knew I was going to like the little English village of Barrington from the moment I started reading about it in China. I’d been dreaming about regaining a sense of lost Englishness, of treating […]

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Travel Report: St. Botolph’s Priory – Colchester, England.

May 2019. I love how most of Colchester’s sights are historical and free! In fact, aside from Colchester Castle, just about everything I did here was free from Castle Park and The Hollytrees Museum to Firstsite and Colchester Natural History Museum. Another free delight that’s well worth fifteen minutes of your time is St. Botolph’s […]

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Travel Report: Hollytrees Museum – Colchester, England.

May 2019. If you’re coming to Colchester for a visit, then you’ll almost certainly be heading straight to the town’s main attractions, Colchester Castle and the leafy confines of surrounding Castle Park. While you’re exploring the park, keep your eyes open for the handsome Hollytrees Museum, a three-hundred-year-old Georgian townhouse lovingly converted into a museum […]

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