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Travel Report: Colchester Castle Park, England.

Reading from China? This travel report contains YouTube videos, which can only be viewed with a VPN! May 2019. As much as I greatly enjoyed my enlightening visit to Colchester Castle Museum, I’ve got to say it was probably eclipsed by the absolutely gorgeous Colchester Castle Park. We really do green spaces exceptionally well in […]

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Travel Report: Black Gull Bookshop & Bindery – Camden Town, London.

May 2019. I really enjoyed my recent afternoon in Camden Town, because the place seemed to be on a mission to reconnect me with a few of my lost loves. After a spell leafing through records, music magazines and pop culture memorabilia at Rock ‘n’ Roll Rescue, it was now over to Black Gull Bookshop […]

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Travel Report: Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village, South Korea.

April 2019. The whole point of flying out to the Korean city of Daegu was to see my old mate Wonderboy. Having embarked on extended travels together throughout Cambodia, China, Japan and Spain, I was chomping at the bit to be adding South Korea to our explored list. As an added bonus, it was also great […]

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Travel Report: Suseong Lake – Daegu, South Korea.

April 2019. It was a brilliantly hot afternoon in Daegu and we’d just finished an enlightening morning finding out about one of Korea’s most loved singers at Kim Kwang-seok Memorial Street. But now, with hopes of discovering a perfect spot for dinner, we’d arrived at Suseong Lake. This is easily the most beautiful area in […]

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Travel Report: Kim Kwang-seok Story House – Daegu, South Korea.

Want to get the full picture? Before reading this why not start with my travel report on: Kim Kwang-seok Memorial Street. April 2019. We must have spent a solid hour in Kim Kwang-seok Memorial Street admiring the artwork, listening to the buskers and drinking coffee atop one of the rooftop cafes. The atmosphere had been […]

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Travel Report: Kim Kwang-seok Memorial Street – Daegu, South Korea.

Reading from China? This travel report contains YouTube videos, which can only be viewed with a VPN! April 2019. I’d never heard of Korean singer-songwriter Kim Kwang-seok until I started planning my trip to Daegu. But as I quickly discovered the guy is huge in South Korea, where he shifted an impressive five million records […]

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Travel Report: Seomun Night Market – Daegu, South Korea.

April 2019. “Mate, I’ve got to take you to Seomun Night Market” hummed Wonderboy, rubbing his hands together, “The food is just….”. I can’t remember exactly what adjective he used but it didn’t matter, I was already sold on the words food and market. After all this was Korea, where the promise of a fine meal […]

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