Tag: The bridges of Taishun County

Travel Report: Wenxing Bridge, Taishun County.

November 2017. Of all the bridges I saw during my trip to Taishun County, my favourite has to be Wenxing Bridge. Located deep in the arse end of nowhere on the edge of Xiaochun Village, I inadvertently stumbled upon both Wenchong Bridge and Wenhong Bridge in the process of tracking this one down. Finding Wenxing Bridge wasn’t the […]

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Travel Report: Nanyang Bridge, Taishun County.

Nanyang Bridge Taishun County. November 2017. It had been an amazing couple of days exploring the remote villages and country roads of Taishun County. The main focus had been hunting down the region’s fascinating collection of ancient covered wooden bridges. We’d already tracked down Beijian Bridge and Xi Dong Bridge, two of Taishun’s most beautiful […]

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