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Travel Report: Street Steel Heavy Metal Bike Gallery, Macau.

February 2018. I’m not really into motorbikes. In fact, let me revise that, I couldn’t care less. But Wonderboy LOVES them, hence I knew we’d be checking out Street Steel Heavy Metal Bike Gallery from the moment he saw the big billboard. Street Steel lies inside Kam Kek Paradise Casino on Avenida de Amazade. The […]

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Travel Report: Seac Pai Van Park, Macau.

February 2018. After five nights in the hustle and bustle of Macau Peninsula, I was definitely in need of a change of pace. Happily then, a day spent strolling around Coloane Island provides just that. Start your wanderings here at Seac Pai Van Park, Macau’s largest natural green area. Once home to farmland, the park’s […]

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Travel Report: Eduardo Marques Square, Macau.

February 2018. Eduardo Marques Square is a cobblestone public square located in Macau’s Coloane Village. In fact, it’s just a short walk from the Main Street down Avenida Cinco de Outubro. The square is home to a number of cafes and restaurants where tables overlook both the bay in one direction and the handsome facade of […]

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Travel Report: Coloane Village, Macau.

February 2018. It’s almost criminal to think that thousands of people come to Macau and see out the entirety of their visits in the neon bubble of Taipa Island’s towering hotel-casinos. Sure, Macau is world famous as a gambling mecca and shopper’s paradise. However, it also boasts some gorgeous rural scenery. Most unforgivable of all, […]

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Travel Report: The Grand Lisboa, Macau.

February 2018. If there’s a definitive symbol of Macau, its’ got to be the ubiquitous form of The Grand Lisboa. With its iconic golden, lotus-shaped tower, you simply can’t miss it. In fact, wherever you go in Macau, chances are this iconic building is just a glance away. I took this shot from the winding […]

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