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Travel Report: The Presidential Palace Nanjing.

October 2018. A few of my Chinese friends claimed I was crazy for going to Nanjing during Golden Week. They were probably right. However, one thing I certainly couldn’t be accused of was not knowing what I was letting myself in for. Actually, I’d already experienced several national holidays in China. As a result, I was […]

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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park.

It would be easy to come to Nanjing and miss the city’s Olympic District altogether. After all, it doesn’t show up on any must see lists and there are no major attractions. However, Jaylin and I happened to be staying nearby at the Nanjing Expo Center Hotel. Consequently, we made sure to stroll down here one […]

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Travel Report: Nanjing Massacre Memorial China, Part II.

Want to get the full story? Go right back to the beginning with my article: How To Get Into Nanjing Massacre Memorial During China’s Golden Week Part I October 2018. It felt a bit like coming up for air after being trapped underwater as I exited the interior of Nanjing Massacre Memorial China. Finally the […]

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Travel Report: Nanjing Massacre Memorial China, Part I

October 2018. In the summer of 1937 China and Japan kicked off a military conflict that would become known as The Second Sino Japanese War. What started out as local disputes soon turned very ugly. By the end of the year Japan had launched a full on invasion of China! Having taken Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai […]

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Travel Report: The Jumeirah Hotel – Nanjing, China.

October 2018. If you’ve got some serious cash to splash and are having trouble getting rid of it all, why not consider a stay at The Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing? Located in one of Nanjing International Youth Culture Centre’s two stunning twin towers, the hotel has 212 luxurious suites spread out between the 41st and 67th floors. The hotel […]

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Travel Report: 1912 Bar District – Nanjing, China.

October 2018. I remember thinking how incredibly convenient it was that they’d built a massive bar district right next to The Presidential Palace. It’s literally as if some wise soul had foreseen how desperately I’d need a beer after two hours tackling the Golden Week masses. Having finally exited the palace, one of Nanjing’s premier […]

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