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Travel Report: The Pavilion Hotel – Shenzhen, China.

February 2018. I’ve always been pretty relaxed about accommodation when I’m on the road. Sometimes I’ll fork out for somewhere nice, other times I’m happy to slum it in basic guesthouses or hostels. But when we got to Shenzhen Wonderboy found himself so disillusioned with our first night at Star Whisper Spacecraft Hotel that he […]

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Travel Report: Shenzhen International Garden and Flower Expo Park, China.

February 2018. Parks and temples… temples and parks… China! I try to limit myself to just one or two parks per trip these days, knowing that in most cases the green spaces on offer feel like much of a muchness for a grisly old China veteran like myself. For our explorations in the city of […]

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Travel Report: OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park – Shenzhen, China.

February 2018. Art lovers will find plenty to admire about the Chinese city of Shenzhen. After all its parks and squares are full of sculptures, murals and statues, while a half-day visit to Dafen Oil Painting Village is a must for anyone passing through. And then you’ve got OCT LOFT, a so-called Creative Culture Park built […]

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Travel Report: Dafen Art Museum – Shenzhen, China.

February 2018. Appropriately perched on the side of Dafen Oil Painting Village, the super modern Dafen Art Museum is well worth an hour of your time. Housed in a striking building on a large open square, it showcases original paintings from local artists. February 2018. As with the adjacent oil painting village there’s no entry […]

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Travel Report: Dafen Oil Painting Village – Shenzhen, China.

February 2018. Shenzhen’s world famous Dafen Oil Painting Village was once responsible for a staggering 60% of the globe’s known replica oil paintings. Wherever you are in the world, from hotels and cafes to restaurants, offices and train stations, chances are that painting on the wall came from Dafen. These days it’s mostly a tourist […]

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Travel Report: Huaqiangbei Electronics District – Shenzhen, China.

February 2018. Wonderboy and I were pretty excited about seeing China’s Silicon Valley, a sprawling three kilometer district packed with electronic malls, stores and service centers. The largest of its kind in Asia, Huaqiangbei Electronics District is one of the busiest shopping areas in the country. Except that is, when you rock up during Chinese […]

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