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Travel Report: Happy Farming Hall, Tongli Water Town.

December 2018. My day wandering around Tongli Water Town literally teleported me back to the days of ancient China. Picturesque canals and cobbled streets? Yup! 600 year old Ming Dynasty shopping lanes? Uh, huh! Wrinkled old Chinese folk sittin’ doin’ nothin’? You know it! Another key part of the Tongli experience was its collection of […]

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Travel Report: What To Eat Tongli Water Town, China.

December 2018. So it turns out exploring Tongli Water Town can be hungry work! Be warned though, many of the restaurants and cafes here are overpriced tourist traps. There are some beautiful eateries around town, but always check the menu first. One cafe I went to tried charging 150RMB (£17/€19/$22) for a pot of tea. […]

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Travel Report: Pishi Street – Suzhou, China.

December 2018. I think as travellers we’re often guilty of just going to see the famous stuff when we visit new places. Sometimes though it’s also nice to get a picture of authentic local life to better understand what makes a city tick. Very often this can easily be done by including those regular neighborhoods on […]

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Travel Report: Pingjiang Road Part II – Suzhou, China.

Want to get the full perspective? Before reading this, why not dip into my article: Pingjiang Road Part I December 2018. It was quickly turning into a delightful afternoon wandering around Suzhou’s ancient canal street, Pingjiang Road. I’d already walked perhaps a quarter of the way down, pausing here and there to wave at a […]

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Travel Report: Pingjiang Road Part I – Suzhou, China.

December 2018. For all my complaints about life as a foreigner in China, I can’t grumble about the country’s super reliable travel infrastructure. Take my trip to Suzhou for example. 1. A thirty minute DiDi from my apartment to Ruian Railway Station. 2. A punctual, comfortable, high-speed five and a half hour train to Suzhou […]

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Travel Report: Pin Von Restaurant – Suzhou, China.

December 2018. It was Christmas Eve in Suzhou and late afternoon was starting to creep into early evening. I’d just finished my explorations of the city’s romantic Pingjiang Road canal street and my stomach was rumbling. Luckily, there were a wealth of eating options around me. However, I already knew exactly where I was heading. […]

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