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Travel Report: Bai Xep Beach – Cham Island, Vietnam.

May 2018. There are a number of gorgeous beaches on Vietnam’s Cham Island. This tiny one, expertly hidden between the villages of Bai Huong and Bai Lang, often gets missed altogether. Firstly it’s partly concealed from the main road, where one could easily pass by without even realizing it exists. Secondly it’s usually deserted, being […]

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Travel Report: Bai Huong Temple – Cham Island, Vietnam.

May 2018. There is very little to Cham Island’s lazy Bai Huong Village. A lone market street, right on the beach, is home to a handful of restaurants and there are about half a dozen homestays scattered about the leafy residential streets. The only village sight is this rambling Buddhist temple just across from the […]

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Travel Report: The White Lotus Restaurant – Hoi An, Vietnam.

May 2018. In addition to its handsome riverfront, gorgeously preserved old town and bustling markets, Hoi An is also a bit of a culinary mecca home to some of Vietnam’s most celebrated dishes. If you’re looking to try out some local chow, head on down to The White Lotus Restaurant & Cooking School on Phan […]

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Travel Report: Hoi An Central Market, Vietnam.

May 2018. Another Asian city, another market. But this time I wasn’t just merely sauntering, I had a specific mission! Hoi An is world famous for its skillful tailors and their many workshops knocking out high quality, wallet-friendly, measured-to-order clothing. There are a billion options in Hoi An, enough to put your head in a […]

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Travel Report: Japanese Covered Bridge – Hoi An, Vietnam.

May 2018. Yay, it’s another covered, wooden bridge! And it’s been what, four posts since my last covered, wooden bridge? It’s not even like this time around I was actively seeking it out. This one literally just appeared in front of me during my investigations of Hoi An’s gorgeous ancient quarter. Dating back to 1590 it […]

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Travel Report: Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc – Hue, Vietnam.

April 2018. If Hue’s majestic Imperial City has whetted your appetite for more on Vietnam’s ancient history, look no further than the incredible series of mauseluems located south of the city centre. There are about a dozen in all, beginning from just two kilometers away and extending deep into the dense countryside. If one had […]

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