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Travel Report: Yangtze River Bridge – Nanjing, China.

October 2018. It was day four of China’s Golden Week when I awoke to another perfect blue sky after a serious night of hotel sleep. Jaylin and I had been utterly exhausted tackling the multitudes at Nanjing’s heavyweight attractions. As a result, I had zero interest for a repeat performance. I felt desperate for something low key, a […]

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Travel Report: Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, China.

October 2018. It’s funny how us westerners know all about Chairman Mao, but when it comes to Sun Yat-sen, most folk have never even heard of him. This seems especially odd after you’ve taken the time to learn about his huge impact on Chinese history. Fondly tagged The Father Of The Nation, Sun Yat-sen was China’s first […]

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Travel Report: The Nanjing Eye, China.

October 2018. There’s some really impressive architecture throughout Nanjing Olympic Park. The stylish Nanjing Eye is a steel pedestrian and cycle bridge spanning the Yangtze River. It connects Nanjing’s Youth Olympic Sports Park with Jiangxinzhou Forest Park. The bridge is free to cross and on a day like this there are fine views across the river, forest […]

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Travel Report: Nanjing Olympic Museum, China.

October 2018. I have to admit that I didn’t know about Nanjing Olympic Museum until I walked right into it! Jaylin and I were exploring Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park and boom, there it was. The museum opened in 2014 to celebrate the world’s second Youth Olympic Games, hosted in Nanjing. Nanjing Olympic Museum ended […]

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Travel Report: Nanjing Massacre Memorial China, Part II.

Want to get the full story? Go right back to the beginning with my article: How To Get Into Nanjing Massacre Memorial During China’s Golden Week Part I October 2018. It felt a bit like coming up for air after being trapped underwater as I exited the interior of Nanjing Massacre Memorial China. Finally the […]

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Travel Report: Nanjing Massacre Memorial China, Part I

October 2018. In the summer of 1937 China and Japan kicked off a military conflict that would become known as The Second Sino Japanese War. What started out as local disputes soon turned very ugly. By the end of the year Japan had launched a full on invasion of China! Having taken Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai […]

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Travel Report: How To Get Into Nanjing Massacre Memorial During China’s Golden Week Part I

October 2018. Introduced by the government back in 1949 to commemorate the founding of The People’s Republic, China’s Golden Week is an annual national holiday that falls between the 1st and 7th of October. This is a holiday period like no other in the world, with just about half the population scampering around the country to reunite with family […]

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Travel Report: Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Nanjing.

October 2018. A number of Nanjing’s most historical sites can be found within the grounds of Zhongshan National Park. Having already conquered the amazing three hundred and ninety two step Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum, Jaylin and I set off on a thirty minute walk through the forest to check out another famous tomb. Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum […]

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Travel Report: Librairie Avant-Garde – Nanjing, China.

October 2018. I was absolutely drained after our manic morning at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial. Battling the queues had been physically exhausting, while the horrific story told within the museum itself had been no less  taxing. Now I was in desperate need of some chill time, if such a thing existed during China’s Golden Week. Consequently, […]

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