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Thailand travel guide

In April 2015 I embarked on an amazing thirty day trip around Thailand. Not wanting to be rushed, I insisted on taking my sweet time as I worked my way through the country’s cities, towns and villages, with spectacular stretches of countryside in between.

Along the way I visited a snake farm, climbed an abandoned skyscraper, cycled around ancient Buddhist ruins, crossed the infamous Death Railway bridge, sailed through a backwater river village, got surrounded by monkeys on a hilltop palace, trekked through a forest with half a dozen elephants, took in the most breathless sunset I’ve ever seen and made my way through a seemingly infinite number of beaches, restaurants, markets and temples.

Thailand travel guide
Blinded by the sun – Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand. April, 2015.

By the time my tourist visa was almost up, I knew that I’d be exiting Thailand only as a means as a short break before going back for another thirty days. To find out more about my trip, check out my articles on:


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