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The Park Hyatt Tokyo Things to see and do Tokyo Travel guide Tokyo

In the Park Hyatt’s New York Bar, Tokyo. February 8th, 2019.

What a dazzling, seductive beast the city of Tokyo is! My thirteen days in Japan’s  enchanting capital marked what I can only describe as perhaps the definitive highlight of my global wanderings these past twenty years! And, no I’m not exaggerating. After all, where else could one get hands on with a sumo wrestler, hang out with rare owls, have dinner in a vampire’s lair, wield a samurai sword, meet the humanoid robot Asimo and retrace Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson’s hallowed steps as a special guest in one of Japan’s most luxurious hotels?

Strawberry delivery deluxe room Park Hyatt Tokyo

Strawberry delivery, deluxe room Park Hyatt Tokyo. February 8th, 2019.

As you sit here reading this, I’ll forgive you for thinking that I’ve just reeled off the highlights. But that would be a disservice to the fine dining and magic tricks of The Ninja Restaurant, not to mention the bikini-clad, winged warrior fighting a malicious machine from atop a giant T-rex at The Robot Restaurant. It also wouldn’t be fair to the majesty of The Ghibli Museum and Japan’s most revered animated films, nor indeed to the hypnotizing brilliance of the arcades and anime stores of Akihabara Electric District. Uff, I’ve already given away too much.

Sumo duel performance Tokyo Things to see and do Tokyo

Sumo duel performance, Tokyo. February 4th, 2019.

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