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Visit Camden Town

Visit Camden Town.

Visit Camden Town.

What an almighty travesty it would be to come to London and not take even a cursory glance at Camden Town. Indeed there is so much packed into this small neighbourhood, home to just twenty five thousand residents. In fact, Camden is home to some of London’s most impressive markets, in addition to a vibrant world food scene.

Young Vegans Pie Shop Camden Town.

Visit Camden Town: Young Vegans Pie Shop.

Moreover, Camden has some of London’s most traditional and atmospheric bookshops. You’ll also discover an exceptional music scene, including legendary live music venues, record shops, poster stores and vinyl stalls.

Visit Camden Town Black Gull Books.

Visit Camden Town: Black Gull Books.

A great deal of these delights lie scattered around the pretty Regent’s Canal in Camden Lock. Where, in all seasons, locals and tourists sip on lattes and tuck into traditional pub lunches. It’s a lovely spot from which to escape London’s relentless grind, especially on sleepy weekday mornings. 

Camden Lock canal tour, London.

Visit Camden Town: Camden Lock.

Each time I return to London, I find myself drifting back to Camden. As the years flow by, far too quickly for my liking, I will document these adventures here on Leighton Travels. For the full picture, check out my articles on:

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