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Visit Macau

Visit Macau The Grand Lisboa Hotel

Visit Macau: Guia Hill Fortress.

I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas. In fact, it’s one many bucket list destinations I still have across the United States. With no plans to get back to the U.S. anytime soon, I decided to make do with the next best thing. Namely a visit to Macau during the Chinese New Year holiday break in 2018.

The flag of Macau.

Visit Macau.

Macau is not interesting”, stated a grossly misinformed acquaintance. “Is only casinos”. While this amazing little autonomous region is indeed known as The Las Vegas of Asia, this silly statement couldn’t be further off the mark.

Coloane Island.

Visit Macau: Coloane Island.

Yes there are towering casinos and hotels galore. But dig just a little and you’ll tap into a fascinating world of colonial fortresses, Portuguese squares and leafy hill parks. Moreover, there are historic townhouses and a cluster of delightful churches and chapels. 

Visit Macau St Michael's Chapel and Cemetery

Visit Macau: St. Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery.

Not impressed? How about cobblestone market streets, smoky temples, sleepy beaches, charming lighthouses, military tunnels and a panda park. Above all, one should not miss out on Coloane Island, a truly gorgeous part of Macau that might just be the jewel in its shiny crown. 

Visit Macau Cheoc Van Beach.

Cheoc Van Beach, Coloane Island.

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