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What To See and Do in Tokyo

What to see and do Tokyo National Museum

What to See and do in Tokyo: The National Museum.

Planning a Tokyo travel itinerary can be a daunting process. Indeed there is so much to see and do in this huge city. Moreover, it’s not the kind of place where you can just rock up and visit sights on the fly.

Some of the coolest stuff needs advance reservations. What’s more, certain museums, cafes and historic sites keep strange and unpredictable opening times.

What to see and do Tokyo Akihabara Electric District

What to See and do in Tokyo: Akihabara Electric Town.

I was lucky enough to have thirteen days in the Japanese capital. However, I still had to plan the hell out of my stay. Grouping, for example, as many neighbourhood attractions as possible on any given day in order to maximise our time. 

Lots of places being closed on Mondays and Tuesdays certainly added to the challenges of crafting the perfect trip. But in the end, boy was it all worth it. In fact, I’d say so far Tokyo might just be my favourite city in the world. Sorry NYC, I still love you!


Things to see and do in Tokyo. Travel guide Tokyo. Japan travel blogger

What to See and do in Tokyo.

I honestly don’t think I could’ve packed any more into my Tokyo stay if I’d tried. Perhaps If I had gone without sleep. That visit really was the best of times. A dreamy period of gleaming samurai swords, smoky incense sticks, bleeping arcades and frenetic zebra crossings.

What to See and Do Tokyo The Samurai Museum

What to See and do in Tokyo: The Samurai Museum.

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Akihabara Electric Town (coming soon!)

Aoyama Cemetery (coming soon!)

Cat Waving Temple (coming soon!)

Ghibli Museum (coming soon!)

Hachiko Statue & Family Mural (coming soon!)

Miraikan: Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation

(coming soon!)

Ryogoku Sumo District (coming soon!)

Samurai Museum (coming soon!)

Sensoji Temple (coming soon!)

Shibuya Crossing (coming soon!)

Tokyo National Museum (coming soon!)

Tsukiji Outer Market (coming soon!)

Ueno Park (coming soon!)

Zojoji Temple & Tokyo Tower (coming soon!)

& my roundup of Cool Spots Around Tokyo

(coming soon!) 

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What To See and Do in Tokyo.

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