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Things to see and do in Xiamen

Xiamen, August 2017.

Xiamen is a fascinating island city in Fujian Province, southeast China. I rolled into town in August 2017 with a hard earned five night vacation from my teaching job in nearby Zhejiang Province. I’d been working all the hours under the sun and this trip was a reward to myself.

Hulishan Fortress Xiamen China.

Hulishan Fortress. August 2017.

Consistently voted one of China’s most liveable cities, I found myself instantly charmed. Clean, green and with a perfect balance between vibrant and chilled, it certainly ticked all the boxes for a city break. Furthermore, there are a stack of sights. I found myself visiting a nineteenth century fortress, a park set around an old railway line and one of China’s most prestigious universities.

For the lowdown on these and more, dive into my travel reports on:

Bailuzhou Park

Hulishan Fortress

Railroad Culture Park

Xiamen University

Zhongshan Road 

and some handpicked spots across the city.

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