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Yongjia County

Shu Yuan National Park Yongjia County China.

Shu Yuan National Park, Yongjia County.

Yongjia County is a gorgeous, rural region of southeast China. Although located just fifteen kilometres north of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province, this is a wonderfully underrated region that sees little tourist action. Especially when it comes to foreign visitors, who tend to come to Zhejiang purely for the heavyweight city of Hangzhou and its world famous West Lake.

Ling Shang Restaurant Village Yongjia County China.

Ling Shang Restaurant Village, Yongjia County.

I came to Yongjia in November 2017 with a Chinese friend who was kind enough to drive me around and be my guide. In fact, I’d imagine exploring Yongjia would be exceptionally difficult without decent Chinese language skills and your own set of wheels.

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Visit Yongjia County – Zhejiang Province, China.

With just twenty four hours at my disposal, I only had time for a couple of sights. As a result, we went straight for two of Yongjia’s most impressive spots. For the full story on that enchanting, autumnal trip, check out my travel articles from:

Ling Shang Restaurant Village

Shu Yuan National Park

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