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Visit Zhejiang Province

Visit Zhejiang Province Jiyun Mountain in Rui'an

Visit Zhejiang Province. Jiyun Mountain outside the city of Rui’an.

In April 2017 I sold virtually everything I owned and headed off for my third and ultimately definitive adventure in China.


Visit Zhejiang Province.

This time I based myself in Zhejiang Province in the country’s fascinating southeast. The region is home to rolling farmland, ancient wooden bridges and traditional villages. Moreover, there are mountains galore and a handful of monster cities with plenty of incredible sights for the discerning traveller. 

Visit Zhejiang Province Beijian Bridge.

Visit Zhejiang Province: Beijian Bridge in Taishun County.

I lived in the little city of Rui’an, home to around a million people. I certainly got a taste of real China, as they say. In fact, there were no famed sights to speak of and little in the way of entertainment and creature comforts.

The Chinese city of Rui'an seen from Mingjing Park

Visit Zhejiang Province: Mingjing Park in the city of Rui’an.

Furthermore, with very few resident expats, I often found myself the centre of attention. Sometimes this was great fun, other times I wished I were invisible.

Teaching English in the Chinese city of Rui'an

Visit Zhejiang Province: with my students Elsa and Link.

I managed to do some deep exploring across Zhejiang Province during my two year stay. Consequently there is much to share. From the amazing West Lake in Hangzhou and the abandoned structures of Jinhua Architecture Park, to the gorgeous bridges of Taishun County and beyond. 

Visit Zhejiang Province Hanging out at Hangzhou's West Lake

Visit Zhejiang Province: At West Lake in Hangzhou.

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