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Notes From The Netherlands.

Short stories from The Netherlands

The Netherlands was supposed to be the place I settled down in after almost a decade living around the world. Amsterdam was going to be my symbol of stability… the city where I finally laid down my roots and built something long-lasting. Y‘know, for keeps… forever!

Short stories from The Netherlands

Amsterdam: July 2010.

And for a while it looked like that’s exactly how it would go. I felt like I’d won the lottery to be honest: Amsterdam was fantastic, I was very much in love, I’d landed the job of my dreams and together my girl and I had sculpted the perfect little home for ourselves. But in the end our Dutch utopia lasted just four years and the subsequent disintegration of everything I thought my life was going to be nearly killed me. To find out more, have a read of my short story series Notes from The Netherlands.

1. Celebrations and Recriminations

2. The Voice

3. End of Watch

4. Pissing With Stifler

5. Wall of Sound

6. The End of Everything

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