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My Short Stories

Short stories from Slovakia

Leighton Travels: My Short Stories.

When I first launched this site as Leighton Literature back in October 2014, it was primarily as a vehicle for my short stories. I already had one series written and ready to go about my travels in India. But, ever the stickler for doing things a certain way, I was insistent on publishing my tales in chronological order.

Thus I quickly began work on two more sets. One from a year spent in Qatar (my first time living and working abroad), the other from twelve months in Slovakia (my most jubilant and carefree days).

Taxi driver Doha 2001.

My Short Stories: Ashraf, a short story from Qatar.

From there I began documenting the key periods of my life. Each collection attached to a different country. While these days Leighton Travels has been largely hijacked by my daily travel reports from around the world, I haven’t forgotten about my short stories. In fact, there are plenty more to do and my aim is to add a new collection each year.

Leighton Thomas travel blogger travel reports short stories

Leighton Travels: My Short Stories.

After all, these are the narratives that have made me who I am. For better or worse I’ve never been afraid of putting it all out there. And, over the course of the six collections published to date, that’s exactly what I’ve tried to do.

These stories are about the things I’ve seen and done. They celebrate the dizzying highs and successes I’ve enjoyed both personally and professionally. However, they also reflect on my life lows. Of regretful actions, broken hearts and lost friends. As such, I dedicate these stories to the wonderful places I’ve been lucky enough to visit and those special people who’ve played such crucial roles in my life journey.

Leighton Travels travel reports short stories.

Leighton Travels: My Short Stories.

Writing and sharing in this way often feels like a form of therapy. It fills me with a sense of warmth, nostalgia, gratefulness and wonder. Above all, it’s helped me to feel at peace with the past, live the present to the fullest and look ahead to the future with hope and encouragement.

Feel free to dip in and out as you see fit. Or just start at the beginning and enjoy the ride. 

The Qatar Collection (2001-2002).

Iranian Market Souq Waqif Doha Qatar

Leighton Travels: My Short Stories.

The Slovak Files (2002-2003).

Short stories from Slovakia

Incidents In India (2004).

Lalou a short story from India

Based in Belgium (2005-2009).

Namur Belgium English travel blogger.

Challenged In China (2009-2010).

Short stories from China

Notes From The Netherlands (2010-2013).

Short stories from The Netherlands

Leighton Travels: My Short Stories.

Leighton Travels logo travel reports and short stories.

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