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Incidents In India.

Short stories from India

My first ever stretch of bona fide traveling came in India. I was 24 years old and pretty damn clueless, but nevertheless brimming with positivity and anticipation for what was a huge step into the unknown. I was supposed to be doing it alone, but then I unexpectedly made a friend in the visa queue at the Indian Embassy in Edinburgh. Looking back, I think I needed that companionship and have often wondered what kind of scrapes I’d have gotten myself into had I gone it alone. 

Short stories from India

Little boy – Hotel Shahjahan, Agra – March, 2004.

Of course it turned out to be a wondrous trip; one that confirmed the suspicions I’d had about what kind of lifestyle I wanted to lead and whetting my appetite for the flurry of adventures that would soon follow. To find out more about those long ago escapades, check out Incidents In India, twelve tales detailing my experiences across the country. 

1. Poor Me!

2. Come Ear!

3. What Do You Think Of Love?

4. The Shithole

5. Same Same But Different

6. Fear and Loathing In Jaipur

7. Lalou

8. The Bus Journey From Hell 

9. Octopussy

10. Butch Cassidy & The Cashew Kid

11. Lisa & Phil 

12. Forty Eight Hours

Short stories from India

Incidents In India is dedicated to the memory of Janet Amos: wife to Derek, friend to all, DIY queen, expert listener, talented knitter and thoughtful bestower of lucky socks. I’m sure I wouldn’t have survived India without them.

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