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Visit Cambridge

Things to see and do Cambridge England.

Visit Cambridge.

I’m not as well travelled in England as I’d like to be. Nevertheless, I think I can confidently say that Cambridge is one of the country’s loveliest cities. Where else can you see such a compact abundance of exquisite architecture set among some of the world’s most prestigious colleges?

King's College Chapel from the top of Great St. Mary's Church Cambridge.

Visit Cambridge: Views over King’s College from the top of Great St. Mary’s Church.

Moreover, the city boasts handsome churches, cobbled squares, ancient bookstores and a gorgeous network of river canals.You’ve also got a lively market square, one of England’s most historical pubs and one of the world’s most stupendous libraries. 

Punting on the Cambridge Backs England.

Visit Cambridge: Punting on the Cambridge Backs.

Back in the day I used to teach English language summer camps in the nearby town of Woodbridge. Every year we’d drag the teens to Cambridge and force some history down their throats.

Trinity College Cambridge England.

Visit Cambridge: Trinity College.

However, my favourite visit here came in May 2019 when my old friend Irish Mike and I spent a full day exploring the sights. Furthermore, it was a wonderful setting to celebrate a friendship that has now spanned over seventeen years. For more, why not Visit Cambridge with my travel articles on:

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