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It’s funny to think that, for a great deal of my adult life, I never thought of exploring my own country. Born in London and partly raised in various towns across Buckinghamshire, I eventually left England in 1997 and haven’t lived there since!

War Memorial Junction of The Broadway and High Street Chesham.

Visit England: The pretty market town of Chesham.

As a committed traveller, I was so busy adventuring around foreign lands that I never even considered England as a travel destination. Moreover, whenever I returned home from my global adventures, it was strictly to catch up with friends and family. Not to seek out new travel experiences.

Lake Windermere in England.

Visit England: Lake Windermere.

They say the older you get the more you appreciate who you are and where you come from. There’s certainly some truth in that. In May 2019 I returned to London after two years in Asia. For the first time in… perhaps forever… I felt a burning desire to spend some time exploring England and reconnecting with my own culture.

The Bridge of Sighs Cambridge England.

Visit England: The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge.

Thus I set off on what became an unforgettable, monthlong adventure. I spent some time discovering the city of my birth and revisiting childhood haunts. And then I was off on a cross-country escapade that will long live in the memory.

Visit Botolph's Priory Colchester.

Visit England: St. Botolph’s Priory, Colchester.

I lost myself in some of England’s prettiest villages, towns and cities. I hit the parks, pubs, museums, beaches, churches and castles. Along the way, I crossed off movie sights, paid tribute to my musical heroes and gorged on what strikes me as the world’s most misunderstood cuisine.

Antony Gormley's Another Place Crosby Beach Liverpool.

Visit England: Crosby Beach, Liverpool.

During that trip I promised myself that from now on, whenever I return to England, I’ll always make time for new places. And of course, to document it all here on Leighton Travels.

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