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Visit Fuji Hakone Izu National Park.

Visit Fuji Hakone Izu National Park.

Visit Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

In January 2019 I finally made my long-awaited trip to Japan. It was my first time in the country, hence I decided on nearly two weeks in the capital. In order to dive into as many of the city’s countless delights as I could. I really wanted to come away from the trip feeling like I’d given it everything.

Fuji Hakone Izu National Park Japan.

Nevertheless, I made sure to set aside a full day for getting out of Tokyo and treating myself to some stunning landscapes. Looking back, I’m certainly glad I didn’t miss out on Fuji Hakone Izu National Park.

I definitely packed in the sights that day. In fact, I managed to steal breathtaking glimpses of Mount Fuji through the meddling mist as I climbed the mountain’s twisting trails.

Wintry views over Fuji Hakone Izu National Park

Visit Fuji Hakone Izu National Park.

Moreover, I got to cruise across the stunning Lake Ashi. And take the Komagatake Ropeway up to another volcano, Mount Hakone. Indeed I’ll never forget the majestic, sweeping views from up there.

Furthermore, an unexpected bonus if you will, I managed to grab some lunch at Fuji Q Highland, one of Japan’s most beloved theme parks.

Fujiyama rollercoaster Fuji Q Highland Amusement Park

Visit Fuji Hakone Izu National Park.

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