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Visit Battambang

Phnom Sampeau Mountain Battambang.

Visit Battambang: Phnom Sampeau.

Anyone planning a trip around Cambodia shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking the wonderful province of Battambang. This underrated corner of the country serves up some stunning landscapes and is home to two of Cambodia’s most fascinating attractions.

Ride The Battambang Bamboo Train Cambodia.

Visit Battambang: The Bamboo Train Line.

Firstly, it would be criminal to leave the country without riding the highly unique Battambang Bamboo Train. Moreover, take a hike up the unmissable Phnom Sampeau Mountain, home to a world famous cave and a nightly procession of one million bats!

The Battambang bats Cambodia.

A whole lotta bats.

Battambang also educates visitors about Cambodia’s genocide years at the gruesome Khmer Rouge Killing Caves. For the full story of my visit, why not visit Battambang with my travel articles on:

Phnom Sampeau Mountain

The Battambang Bamboo Train

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