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Visit Shandong Province

The City and the Village Part II a short story by Leighton Travels

Visit Shandong Province: The time warp village of Zhujiayu.

In July 2009 I embarked on a three week tour around Shandong Province in eastern China. It was my first time traveling the country, a magical experience that sparked a lifelong fascination with China. Indeed it served up a little bit of everything, including monster cities, buzzing beaches, ancient temples and isolated rural villages. And, naturally, fantastic food every step of the way.

Visit Shandong province China

Visit Shandong Province.

This was long before I’d even thought of becoming a travel blogger. Consequently, it was a real challenge cobbling together the images needed for this modest series of travel reports. Moreover, I had to contend with my somewhat muddy memory from a trip that played out almost fifteen years ago. Happily, my good habit of note-taking proved an invaluable resource. Thus I got there in the end…. just about.

Fanmaker Confucius Hall Qufu Shandong Province China

Qufu, Shandong Province.

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I’ve also written a number of short stories about my Shandong Province escapades. The below chapters are taken from my short story collection Challenged in China.

Temple of Confucius in Qufu China.

Confucius Temple, Qufu.

The City and The Village Part I

The City and The Village Part II

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