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Visit Thailand

Visit Thailand The Grand Palace Bangkok

Visit Thailand: The Grand Palace, Bangkok.

In April 2015 I set off on an amazing thirty day trip around Thailand. Happy to take my sweet time, I slowly worked my way through the country’s cities, towns and villages.

That trip certainly gave me some of my most cherished travel memories. In fact, at times it felt like a relentless barrage of unforgettable experiences.

Visit Thailand Death Railway Bridge Kanchanaburi

Visit Thailand: Death Railway Bridge, Kanchanaburi.

I visited a snake farm, climbed an abandoned skyscraper and cycled around stunning ancient Buddhist ruins. I also crossed the country’s infamous Death Railway Bridge, a sobering remnant from Thailand’s World War II days.

Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai Thailand.

Visit Thailand: Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai.

Moreover, I sailed through backwater river villages and got stuck in a so-called Monkey City atop a deserted hilltop palace. I’ll never forget trekking through a forest with elephants either. Nor indeed the most breathless sunset I have ever experienced, on the island of Ko Lanta.

Visit Thailand Ko Lanta Island.

Visit Thailand: Ko Lanta.

I loved my time in Thailand so much I decided I needed another thirty days to do it justice. As a result, I left the country for a bit to satisfy Thai visa laws and do some exploring around Malaysia and Singapore.

And then it was back to Thailand for a second month of exploring. To get the full story, why not visit Thailand through my travel articles from:


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