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Visit Serbia.

Visit Serbia Belgrade Fortress.

Visit Serbia: Belgrade Fortress.

I can honestly say that prior to the summer of 2019 I had never considered visiting Serbia. In fact, I’m not shy in admitting that I was quite ignorant about the place. Sure, I’d heard of The Bosnian War and a tennis player called Novak. Beyond that though, I was pretty clueless.

Visit Serbia with Leighton Travels.

Looking back, that two-week stay in Belgrade was one of the most important trips of my life. You see, I hadn’t gone simply to explore. Rather, this was an opportunity for Sladja and I to finally hang out. To get to know each other better and figure out if perhaps we had a future beyond two weeks in the Serbian capital.

Visit Serbia Little Bay Restaurant in Belgrade

Visit Serbia: Little Bay Restaurant in Belgrade.

The whole trip went like a dream. We relentlessly walked the city each day, peeling back the layers of Belgrade and its historic sights. We talked and talked and laughed so hard it often hurt.

Somewhere along the way, via the fortress, parks, museums, cafes, churches, restaurants and bookshops, Sladja and I realised we had something special.

Church of St Sava in Serbia.

Visit Serbia: The Church of St. Sava in Belgrade.

Much of what happened next has been well documented on these pages. Particularly our memorable 8 months living and travelling around Cambodia. Eventually, our roving life led us back to Europe where, via a short spell in Turkey, we returned to Serbia to see out the pandemic.

Visit Serbia Liberty Square in Novi Sad

Visit Serbia: Liberty Square in Novi Sad.

During this time I got my temporary residence permit. Sladja and I got engaged in Novi Sad, married in Belgrade and embarked on numerous trips across Serbia. Gradually, I came to know this underrated country well.

Golubac Fortress in Serbia.

Visit Serbia: Golubac Fortress.

There were so many highlights. Take, for example, the stunning Golubac fortress, perched over a gorgeous section of The Danube. Or the picture book countryside of Donji Milanovac and the revelatory architecture of towns such as Subotica.

Raichle's Palace in Subotica Serbia.

Visit Serbia: Raichle’s Palace in Subotica.

We really enjoyed our travels around Serbia. What’s more, with her parents and brother based there, we’ll definitely be back to catch up and seek out new places.

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