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Visit South Korea

Visit Seoul South Korea.

Visit South Korea: Seoul.

In February 2015 I was living in Beijing and wondering what to do with my two week break for Chinese New Year. It had been a lifelong dream of mine to see Tokyo, but unfortunately the costs were looking crazy.

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Then, a buddy of mine recommended I visit South Korea. Moreover, he insisted that a friend would let me crash at his apartment in Seoul!

It seemed too good an opportunity to turn down. Hence I set off on a two week trip that saw me explore the capital, before taking in the cities of Jeonju and Busan.

Ingwansan Mountain Seoul Korea

Visit South Korea: Ingwansan Mountain.

I really enjoyed my Korean experience, though I never imagined I’d actually go back. However, that changed in April 2019 when I found myself finishing up another teaching contract in China.

As fate would have it, my old travel buddy Wonderboy was now living in the city of Daegu. Furthermore, my brother and his girlfriend were stationed in Jeonju. I hadn’t seen him in over two years, thus a return to South Korea felt like a no brainer.

Visit South Korea.

Visit South Korea: Tapsa Temple.

I had some great adventures in this fascinating country. To find out all the details of my two trips, why not visit South Korea through my travel articles on:




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Yongmunsa Temple

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