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My Travel Reports

Leighton Travels Mala Fabrika Ukusa Restaurant Belgrade.

My Travel Reports: Mala Fabrika Ukusa Restaurant, Belgrade.

Welcome to Leighton Travels, an online museum of my life living, working and travelling the world! I’ve seen some truly amazing places and experienced remarkable, often life-changing situations over the years. In one form or another, whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly, everything ends up here in My Travel Reports.

Visit Thailand Death Railway Bridge Kanchanaburi

Death Railway Bridge, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

So scroll down for access to my massive library of travel reports from across 32 countries. There are over 600 articles to date and the collection continues to grow.

Don’t hesitate to scan over my country list and see what tickles your fancy. Some of the world’s most fascinating locations are just a click away, so dive in and find out what happens when Leighton Travels!