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Visit Slovakia

Schoner Naci Statue Bratislava

Visit Slovakia. Schoner Naci Statue, Bratislava.

In September 2002 I headed off to Slovakia for what what was only my second English teaching job. Feeling somewhat anxious on the flight from London, I suddenly realised that I didn’t know all that much about the school.

What exactly had I signed myself up for?

Actually, I needn’t have worried. Because what unfolded was one of the most memorable years of my life. From the thrills and spills of my cross-country travels, to everyday life in the capital, this was truly a year to remember.

Visit Slovakia.

Visit Slovakia. Trencin High Street.

Unfortunately, I find myself with a somewhat limited and battered collection of photographs from those Slovak days. It’s a pity, especially when I remind myself that my escapades took me the length and breadth of the country. Nevertheless, I have managed to cobble together an extended travel report about the capital circa 2002-2003.


For a more personalised account of my time in the capital, along with my various adventures across the country, check out my short story collection:

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Visit Slovakia

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