"Short stories and travel reports from my life adventures around the globe".


Visit Spain El Caminito del Rey.

Leighton Travels: El Caminito del Rey, Spain.

Welcome to Leighton Travels, an online exhibition of my life exploring the world. Lovingly crafted since 2015, I have put my heart and soul into this site and really hope you enjoy your stay.

I’ve been into writing since I was a kid. As an adult, no matter where I went, I always put pen to paper, finger to keyboard. Eventually, it simply became a way of life. These days I have fully submitted to my existence as a digital nomad. All I want to do is travel, write and share.

Leighton Thomas Travel blogger, voice over, English teacher

Malaga, Spain.

Here you can read about my adventures in 30+ countries. For the most part I have travelled deep, taking my time to meet the people, indulge in the food and wander off the beaten path.

Killer views from halfway up the Pyramid Temple in Koh Ker

Leighton Travels: Koh Ker, Cambodia.

With a photo and notes library spanning over twenty years, Leighton Travels features an ever-growing archive of reports from individual world locations. There are over 600 so far, with a new report added twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Leighton Travels travel reports short stories.

I think I’ve lived a pretty interesting life, with lots of cool stories to share. From my days as an English teacher to my work as a writer, voice over and interviewer of Hollywood stars, you can check out my life memoirs through My Short Stories.

Leighton Thomas travel blogger voice over editor English teacher

Train Street, Hanoi.

In addition to writing and travel, I’m passionate about music, cinema, football, literature, animals, coffee and world cuisine. As a result, my articles are often infused with these things and more!

Over the years, I have written for a host of publications, including the Dutch media company FCCE and the award winning travel website Global Grasshopper.

Leighton Travels short stories and travel reports from across the world.

Crane Cafe, Siem Reap.

Today Leighton Travels is curated by myself, Leighton Thomas, and my wife Slađa. Whatever you choose to dip into you are very welcome. So dig around, see what takes your fancy and find out what happens when Leighton Travels

Leighton Travels logo travel reports and short stories.

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  • SamuelJ

    A great looking site I read all three of your short story collections over two weeks and really enjoyed them, particularly the Slovakia ones. Keep up the good work, I’m curious what’s coming next.

    July 20, 2015 - 3:21 pm Reply
  • Moccay

    Great site! your short stories are really Inspiring.

    April 20, 2016 - 7:41 am Reply
  • Brady

    You are an exceptional well travelled guy. currently reading the stories about your Hollywood interviewing. a life lived!!!!!

    February 3, 2018 - 5:45 pm Reply
  • micheal

    Reading your articles is like travelling on my own. Life is a journey?Your journey is wonderful.

    August 2, 2018 - 8:13 am Reply
    • leightonliterature

      Thanks a lot Michael for your encouragement and also for helping me build my Chinese audience, I’m already starting to see the results!

      August 2, 2018 - 8:24 am Reply
  • Joel

    Hi Leighton,
    Great to meet you today over some stone axes, and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit. Looking forwards to reading about it soon! And what a fantastic site: I’ve had a great time browsing through some of your adventures!
    Very best wishes,

    May 7, 2019 - 1:00 am Reply
    • leightonliterature

      Hi Joel, thanks again for your excellent work yesterday and for making the Colchester Castle Museum experience that little bit more dynamic. I hope to publish my Colchester 5s over the course of July. Keep up the great work!

      May 7, 2019 - 4:10 pm Reply
  • Sartenada

    Great. I did not see any book about Finland. 🙂

    Have a good day!

    June 27, 2019 - 10:48 am Reply
    • leightonliterature

      I have never been to Finland :). Needless to say I would love to. One day… I’ll put it on the infinite list of places I wanna check out.

      June 27, 2019 - 10:49 am Reply
      • Sartenada

        You can get nice idea if You check my newest post. 🙂

        June 27, 2019 - 10:51 am
  • Harper Haye

    Really interesting site. My son also teaches abroad and I’ve been in education all my working life. Now I’ve retired, I ftake the advantage of his ‘postings’ and have also started travel writing. You’ll find me at Keep up the good work!

    July 27, 2019 - 8:15 am Reply
  • natty4t

    Loving the new look site leighton. Xx

    September 27, 2019 - 2:40 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Thanks Nat!

      September 27, 2019 - 2:51 pm Reply
  • Anonymous

    Site looks Amazing. Good Job

    October 2, 2019 - 11:12 am Reply
    • Leighton

      Cheers “someone!” 🙂

      October 2, 2019 - 11:13 am Reply
  • Virginia

    Loving the new look to the site 😃

    October 24, 2019 - 12:39 am Reply
  • Mary Phillips

    Love the picture with the cook smoking a cigarette as he cooks!

    December 7, 2019 - 2:14 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Ha, thanks Mary! Tongli style…

      December 7, 2019 - 2:35 pm Reply
  • usathroughoureyes

    Good meeting you Leighton. Looking forward to traveling along with you.

    April 28, 2020 - 7:00 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Thanks for following guys!

      April 28, 2020 - 7:29 pm Reply
  • bublelady

    Amazing job as always. Super proud. x

    May 17, 2020 - 4:28 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Thank you so much, your support means everything.

      May 17, 2020 - 4:29 pm Reply

    […] I had to share. So I decided to start sharing these experiences online. Thus (the now defunct) Leighton Literature was born, a platform for me to a) write my memoirs in short story form and b) to build an […]

    June 15, 2020 - 6:00 pm Reply
  • simplymesmc

    I hope you come to Philippines

    August 17, 2020 - 7:53 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      One day we’d love to!

      August 17, 2020 - 7:54 pm Reply
  • Jeric Urbayo

    So nice to read your blogs. keep posting.

    October 22, 2020 - 10:48 am Reply
    • Leighton

      Thanks a lot! Appreciate the kind words.

      October 22, 2020 - 10:50 am Reply
  • rkrontheroad

    Always glad to find a fellow traveler! Enjoyed reading some entries on your site, looking forward to more. And I like your logo.

    November 5, 2020 - 11:49 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Hi Ruth, thanks for reading and for your kind words. I see you read one of my old short stories from Slovakia. I’ve made a note to check out your site over the coming days. Stay safe and healthy!

      November 5, 2020 - 11:55 pm Reply
  • maristravels

    I’ll forgive you QPR because your writing is so good (I’m an Arsenal fan). I just want to say that i’d love to follow you but I can’ take any more daily posts dropping into my Inbox. I’m up to here with stuff and I’ve got to get sorted but I will keep checking in and reading your Posts which I love. You write as traveller writers used to and as I did – I hope – when I was pitching. I put a couple of former print articles up on my blog you might care to look at them. I think I’ll have to come back with the other as once I leave here I think the comment vanisyhes unless I click on Post Comment.

    November 9, 2020 - 8:15 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Thanks for the kind words, very humbling indeed. You can always just follow on WordPress Reader, rather than by email subscription if that helps. I’ll definitely check out your piece tomorrow morning over coffee.

      November 9, 2020 - 8:43 pm Reply
  • Emma Angier

    Thanks for sharing your memories. My Old Amersham memories are the annual September Fair & pubs crawls in the late 80s! I was born in Amersham Hospital & lived in Amersham-on-the-hill until I was 23. Like you I’ve lost the link to a family home as my dad retired as Vicar of St Michael’s in 1995, the year I was married there. I’ve visited several times after leaving Buckinghamshire in 1997 & occasionally visit Stanley Hill Cemetery as my dad’s ashes are interred there.

    November 17, 2020 - 5:55 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Hi Emma, thanks for reading and contributing to the thread. It’s amazing how so many people feel a strong connection to the town, even those who lived here for a short time or have moved on.

      November 17, 2020 - 6:05 pm Reply
  • Sarah

    Nice writings! Love to browse your stories of traveling. Some reminded me of the places and spots that I have traveled to. I like the way you put words and some expression of humor. I have also shared your site to my children as a good example of English wrting.

    January 4, 2021 - 2:59 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Hello Sarah, thanks for your lovely message. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the site and appreciate you getting in touch. Hope you continue to enjoy my articles, which come out roughly every 48 hours. Would be interested to know which locations we’ve both travelled in…

      January 4, 2021 - 3:06 pm Reply
      • Sarah

        Hi Leighton,

        I am in Seoul, and just back from a short visit from Daegu. Your writings about this lovely town is impressive and offers much perspective. Please keep on posting your articles. Your efficiency of producing articles is impressive. Have you been in france and written about the travel there? Bon courage!

        January 11, 2021 - 2:23 am
      • Leighton

        Hi Sarah, thanks for getting in touch. I’m glad you liked my Daegu series. Sadly, I have seen little of France, just a trip to Paris and Lille many years ago. You can find those articles by clicking on ‘France’ in My Travel Reports’ page.

        January 11, 2021 - 8:42 am
  • arielaonthego

    Great Website! You’ve been to many countries!

    January 8, 2021 - 1:03 am Reply
    • Leighton

      Cheers Ariel, thanks for following!

      January 8, 2021 - 8:04 am Reply
  • maristravels

    Apologies. Thanks for liking my Sculpture Saturday (Spanish poet Becquer) but i must apologise for a rather garbled syntax and two typos. I didn’t re-read before posting, so missed repetitions and typos.

    April 3, 2021 - 12:58 pm Reply
  • Dhirendra.S.Chauhan

    Dear friend your site looks a great one !I am looking forward to reading all your travel-tales being a travel enthusiast myself !Take care and be safe!💖

    April 3, 2021 - 7:37 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Thanks Dihendra! Hope you enjoy exploring my blog.

      April 3, 2021 - 8:18 pm Reply
      • Dhirendra.S.Chauhan

        I have gone through some of your blogs but was yet to comment. Great work!

        June 5, 2021 - 8:16 am
      • Leighton

        Thank you for reading and taking the time to get in touch!

        June 5, 2021 - 8:59 am
  • scribble on the roadside

    I’m slowly easing my way back into blogging, and travelogues like yours are what I bring snacks to listen/and read too. The post about the ghost tower in Thailand gave me huge fomo vibes. I remember looking up at it but didn’t have the courage to go inside. I get the notion all of your travel reports will make me feel a similar type of way.

    I’m happy I stumbled onto your site. Please don’t ever stop writing and safe travels.

    April 8, 2021 - 2:21 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Thanks for this very kind feedback, it’s humbling. So tell me, what are your favoured blog snacks?

      April 8, 2021 - 3:45 pm Reply
      • scribble on the roadside

        I’m a sucker for trail mix and fruit. Eating a semi-healthy diet keep up with going to places I like to go. Every once in a blue moon I’ll grab something sweetly artificial.

        April 8, 2021 - 5:20 pm
  • Toonsarah

    Dropping by to say hi before starting to explore some of your travel reports in due course. I see you are from Hammersmith originally and are a QPR fan. We’re in Ealing so Brentford is our closest club but QPR my ‘London’ club in a way. However although a Londoner I married a Geordie and caught the football bug from him, so Newcastle is my team, through thick and (currently) thin ⚽

    May 9, 2021 - 9:52 am Reply
    • Leighton

      Aw, thanks for this message. I’ve always had a soft spot for Newcastle actually and don’t mind Brentford, even though many of their fans seem to despise us. Hope you enjoy reading through Leighton Travels!

      May 9, 2021 - 10:17 am Reply
  • Prerna Shah

    Read your interview on Ericotrips – it was a really good read, and I admire your dedication to your blog and to your writing.

    November 10, 2021 - 9:39 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Hi Prerna! Thanks a lot for your kind comment. Feel free to take a look around Leighton Travels, hope you enjoy what you read!

      November 10, 2021 - 10:18 pm Reply
  • Annie Berger

    Great fun reading about the story behind your travel writings and your ‘philosophy of life.’ Only being the Canadian-born daughter of a Brit, I didn’t know what QPR is – now fully educated! Looking forward to reading your posts.

    August 8, 2022 - 1:41 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Thanks Annie, glad to have you onboard! I usually post new articles twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

      August 8, 2022 - 1:44 pm Reply
  • Annie Berger

    Will look for them, thanks.

    August 8, 2022 - 2:25 pm Reply
  • Stan

    well leighton it’s about time i put my tuppence onto this about page of yours. i have enjoyed reading your articles over the past years and to see how you have grown your site and evolved as a writer. definitely one of if not the best travel blog i’ve seen on wordpress, you go way beyond what most people do in terms of the content. such a broad range of reports and stories from around the world and i admire how you always write with heart on sleeve. keep going!

    November 7, 2022 - 10:35 pm Reply
  • Leighton

    Ah Stan, your ongoing support of LT is very much appreciated. I’m hoping to put much more of our recent travels out during 2023. Cheers!

    November 8, 2022 - 11:15 am Reply
  • Amélie

    Hey, Leighton. I finally came round to checking your About page. In the past month I enjoyed reading your posts from Siem Reap, Italy and Budapest. I love the humour that invariably infuses your travel reports and short stories (yes, I’ve begun reading about your Qatar days, seems fitting during this World Cup). You are a travel writer that knows how to set the scene, permeate his writing with a certain vibe or mood that characterises a particular place, and your keen observations on the local life delight me as a reader again and again. Looking forward to more words from your pen, or the keyboard.

    December 9, 2022 - 6:38 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Amelie… what a lovely comment to discover. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement, I will certainly endeavour to improve the blog with each series of posts. Enjoy ‘The Qatar Collection’ and beyond…

      December 9, 2022 - 10:37 pm Reply
  • anoush

    Wonderful blog, Leighton. You are an excellent and clearly very dedicated writer. I read your short story collection, Slovak Files, it was a great read. When to comes to travel destination, you offer some really detailed and interesting accounts, with a lot of humour and soul.

    January 29, 2023 - 9:21 am Reply
    • Leighton

      Hey Anoush, I’m so sorry for the late reply. This comment slipped through the cracks somehow. Thanks as always for the kind words, it’s been great having you onboard this last year or so, I always appreciate your valuable contributions to the comment threads.

      July 25, 2023 - 5:33 pm Reply
  • Gilly

    I am off to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos next February/March. Being in my mid 70s (but still with a long list of countries to visit!) I am going on two back-to-back tours with a company called Wendy Wu – as I felt happier to do so rather than work out my adventure myself which I would have done a few years ago! However I have a few days in Siem Reap before I start the second tour and have, therefore, been looking into extra places to visit (apart from the obvious ones) and one is the Lotus Farm on the road to Phnom Krom and the Tonie Sap lake (it has its own website and, as they run workshops using the lotus flower as well, it sounds really interesting). I was, therefore, SO pleased to read your fabulous review – and the photos are really great. My tour company cannot arrange this for me for some reason but it would seem, from what you say, that a tuk tuk will take me there so I am grateful for the help your post has given me. I can’t wait for my adventure to begin!

    July 25, 2023 - 5:22 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Hey Gilly! I’m so glad my Lotus Farms article was of use. Your trip sounds very exciting, especially Laos as that’s a country I have yet to visit. I have written dozens of articles about Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, so please don’t hesitate to have a look, maybe there will be a bit more inspiration for you within. Wishing you an amazing trip!

      July 25, 2023 - 5:35 pm Reply

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