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Visit Hungary

Visit Hungary Mosque of Pasha Qasim in Pecs

Visit Hungary: the Mosque of Pasha Qasim in Pécs.

It always pains me when I’m unable to transform old photos into a travel article. Even now, with over 600 articles in my travel report library, I often think back on the ones that got away.

Unfortunately, I had to leave much of my travels around Hungary unpublished. The reason, as with other locations around the world, is simply a lack of photos. Nevertheless, I am at least able to share some of those surviving shots on pages like these.

Visit Hungary

Visit Hungary.

It’s a pity, because I did a fair chunk of travelling around Hungary throughout 2002-2003. I was based in Slovakia at the time teaching English. Thus my buddies and I made plenty of trips across the border to do some exploring.

Map of Hungary.

Visit Hungary.

Among my favourite memories, I recall the delightful baroque buildings in the city of Gyor.  The wondrous afternoon hike up Castle hill in Veszprém. Moreover, I’ll never forget the sunsets over Lake Balaton and the incredible historic art in the Mosque of Pasha Qasim in Pécs.

Exploring the streets of Gyor in Hungary 2003

Visit Hungary: Exploring Gyor in the summer of 2003.

Furthermore, I smile fondly at the thought of Eger, a city stuffed with churches, museums and cafe-laden squares. And of my day trip to the gorgeous Valley of the Beautiful Women, where I spent the day drinking red wine and reading The Godfather.

Visit Hungary the Valley of the Beautiful Women

Visit Hungary: The Valley of the Beautiful Women.

Happily, I’ve been able (just about) to convert some of my Hungarian adventures into travel reports. Indeed I was lucky enough to make two visits to the capital, Budapest. The first trip took in a memorable Christmas stay in December 2002. You can read all about it in my short story Party Hearty.

Christmas memories in Budapest December 2002

Visit Hungary: Christmas in Budapest.

My second Budapest visit came in the spring of 2003. A larger group of us made it over this time in order to celebrate a birthday. In fact, it was a trip informed by a wonderful camaraderie and the Hungarian capital’s iconic sights. Heroes Square… Chain Bridge… the statues of Memento Park. To name just a few…

Once Upon a time in Budapest.

Chain Bridge, Budapest. March, 2003.

Equally memorable was the weekend I spent investigating the towns and trails of The Danube Bend. Following a series of bends along the Danube River, we saw the spectacular Esztergom Basilica. What’s more, we hiked up to Visegrad Castle and absorbed the picture perfect streets of Szentendre.

Visit Hungary Esztergom Basilica.

Visit Hungary: Esztergom Basilica.

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