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Visit Japan

Visit Japan Gran Gourmet Restaurant Tokyo Station City

Visit Japan. Gran Gourmet Restaurant, Tokyo Station City.

I can’t believe how long it took me to visit Japan! For over 15 years this fascinating country was top of my bucket list, but somehow remained elusive. Indeed there were several proposed trips that fell through. One time because of personal circumstances, on another occasion due to lack of funds.

Bordered Japan flag.

In February 2015 I got really close. In fact, I was right on the verge of booking my flights when a friend got in touch to throw a spanner in the works. Basically, he said that if I wanted to go to Seoul, a buddy of his could offer me a free place to stay. Thus I changed my plans and headed off to explore South Korea for a couple of weeks.

Visit Tokyo Shio Dome district.

Visit Japan. Shiodome District in Tokyo.

Eventually, I had to stop making excuses. Hence in January 2019 my travel accomplice Wonderboy and I embarked on a two-week trip focusing on Japan’s mesmerising capital, Tokyo.

Thanks to weeks of meticulous planning, we really made the most of our time. We dove deep into the city’s history and savoured the best of its cuisine. Moreover, we investigated Tokyo’s unique otaku culture. And went behind the scenes at one of Japan’s most iconic hotels.

Visit Japan the Sumo Museum in Tokyo

Visit Japan. The Sumo Museum in Tokyo.

In addition to the delights of Tokyo, I managed to see some exceptional landscapes. First came the misty vistas of Mount Fuji. Next, a boat cruise across the mystical waters of Lake Ashi. Finally, an invigorating hike along the peak trails of Mount Hakone.

Lake Ashi.

Visit Japan. Lake Ashi.

It was an unforgettable trip. And one that had definitely been worth the wait after so many false starts. To find out more about my visit to Japan, take a look at my travel guides to:

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Visit Japan.

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