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Thank You!

Thank you!

Thank you from Leighton Literature short stories travel reports album reviews

Getting Leighton Travels off the ground has been a long and challenging but thankfully rewarding process. I really couldn’t have done it had it not been for a select group of truly amazing people. So I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to a bunch of folk. 

Thank you from Leighton Travels

Thanks to Sarah Ozanne, the most inspirational teacher I ever had. You gave me so much encouragement and confidence at what was a tender age.

Thank you from Leighton Literature

Cheers to Jessie Wang, who first coined the term Leighton Literature, the name of my first blog.

Leighton Travels' Thank You Page

A tip of the hat to Anthony Ragucci, who custom designed the Leighton Literature logo.

Leighton Literature travel reports short stories travel blogger digital nomad

Back when it all began.

Thank you to the incredibly talented Tushant Khanna, who brought to life the logo for Leighton Travels. And to Jitendra Patil, who oversaw the site’s 2019 facelift.   

Leighton Travels travel reports short stories.

Thank You!

Muchas Gracias to my most loyal readers, including my sister Natalie, mum Beverley and dear friends Daryl Wonderboy, Memo Phillips, Emma Dawson and the much-missed Caroline Henderson.

Thank you from Leighton Travels

Similarly, I am humbled by the ongoing readership of the WordPress community. Particularly the lovely Corna (Wet and Dusty Roads), Meg (Grand Misadventures), Marion (Little Miss Traveller) and Rebecca (Rebecca Goes Rendezvous). And too many more to mention. 

Thank You from Leighton Travels

Ta to David Duggan, who diligently served as my special counsel, posting schedule adviser and number cruncher (2018-2019).

Thank you from Leighton Travels

And how can I not mention my beautiful Sladja, the most dedicated and perceptive Leighton Travels reader of all. If there’s a typo, broken link, wonky photo or formatting gremlin, this girl will find it. You are my soulmate, best friend, wife, travel buddy and all-round partner in crime.  

Leighton Travels logo travel reports and short stories.

Thank you!

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