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Visit Lancaster

Visit Lancaster.

Visit Lancaster.

I had never thought about visiting the English city of Lancaster. In fact, I’m sure I would’ve never made it here had I not had an Uncle living in the nearby town of Carnforth.

But for the curious traveller, there’s enough within this former Roman town for at least a few days exploring. Most people start at the imposing Lancaster Castle, a British-Sovereign-owned fortress and prison with a grisly one thousand year history.

Visit Lancaster Castle Hill.

Visit Lancaster Castle.

Beyond the dark narrative of witches, jail cells, unjust trials and ruthless executions, Lancaster offers an abundance of fine architecture, handsome squares and characterful streets.

There’s also a handful of gorgeous historic churches, including the medieval Lancaster Priory. Home to crusaders’ coffins, viking relics and a secret tribute to the English humanitarian and famed hostage Terry Waite.

Lancaster Priory.

Visit Lancaster Priory.

Moreover, I came to discover a city brimming with charming details. Take, for example, its heritage theatres and Roman bath ruins. Its 17th century pubs, the Town Hall Museum and of course the sprawling beauty of Williamson Park.

Visit Lancaster Williamson Park.

Visit Lancaster: Williamson Park.

I’m so glad I took the time to hang out here. To dive deeper into this delightful English city, why not visit Lancaster with me through my travel articles on:

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& my roundup of cool spots across the city.

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