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Visit The USA

Visit Chicago The USA.

Visit The USA: Chicago River.

I was a kid when I first got all wide-eyed at the idea of The USA as a travel destination. Looking back, this was certainly no surprise. After all, my dad worked at a US naval base in West Ruislip, England, while I was growing up.

The Wonder Years.

Essential 1980s viewing.

He brought home Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, Reeses, Butterfingers and Almost Home cookies. We had American friends and celebrated The Fourth of July.

Moreover, I found myself glued to American cinema and TV shows like The Wonder Years and The Cosby Show. Musically, I was schooled on the likes of The Mamas & The Papas, The Beach Boys and The Eagles.

Visit The USA Universal Studios Florida

Visit The USA: Universal Studios, Florida.

Eventually, us Thomases made it stateside ourselves with a series of family holidays to Florida. We hit all the theme parks, including Disney World and Universal Studios. We also hung out on the beaches of Tampa Bay. And drove through Georgia to see friends in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Visit The USA.

Visit The USA.

My first trip to the US as an independent adult came in May 2007 when I spent a week in New York City. For years The Big Apple was my favourite metropolis. Thus I considered myself very fortunate to return in late 2012 to interview the actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal interview End of Watch New York City

Visit The USA: With Jake Gyllenhaal at The Crosby Street Hotel, New York City.

Over the years I’ve made numerous visits across The USA. Hence I have plenty of cherished memories for the Leighton Travels archives. I’ll never forget paying tribute to John Lennon in NYC’s Central Park. Or indeed following in the footsteps of Streep and Eastwood at Roseman Bridge in Iowa.

Visit The USA Roseman Bridge Iowa

Visit The USA: Roseman Covered Bridge, Iowa.

Furthermore, I’ll always cherish having my own day off in Chicago with all the Ferris Bueller sights. And indeed my stroll through Washington DC’s historical Arlington Cemetery.

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