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Travel Report: Fitzneal Street, London.

Fitzneal Street, London. July, 2019. With thanks to my dad and Uncle Doug for their help in making this article possible.  —— I had butterflies in my stomach as I turned off Old Oak Common Lane into Fitzneal Street. Butterflies because, dear god, the street hadn’t changed a bit in over 35 years. In an […]

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Travel Report: Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

Cat Ba Island. April 2018. It was a hot and humid overcast day in Vietnam when I finally left Hanoi for four nights on Cat Ba Island. I’d had a wonderful time in the Vietnamese capital, but it had all been a bit full-on. Now, I figured, it was time for a little rest and […]

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Travel Report: Florida Nostalgia.

Florida Nostalgia. The summers of 1989, 1991, 1994. Hey folks, I’m gonna try something different today. In fact, this is is not your usual programming. After eight instalments documenting my U.S. travel nostalgia, I found myself tempted by the prospect of concluding the series with a piece that goes even further back. Now when I say […]

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Mad Day Out Beatles Taxi Tour, Liverpool (Part I).

Mad Day Out Beatles Taxi Tour, Liverpool. May 2019. Coming to Liverpool and seeing all The Beatles sites was a dream come true for me. Having toured The Beatles Story, visited the Double Fantasy Exhibition and caught some live music at both The Cavern Club and The Cavern Pub, it was finally time for the prospect […]

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Travel Report: Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand.

Ayutthaya Historical Park. April 2015. I was so damn excited on the train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya! Following my ten day stay in the Thai capital, it was finally time for me to head north to discover some rural delights. Back in Beijing, where I’d planned my trip around Thailand, it was the prospect of […]

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Baptism of Fire, a short story from Qatar.

Baptism of Fire, a short story from Qatar. In the summer of 2001 I boarded a near-empty Qatar Airways flight to Doha. Reuniting with my family who’d recently moved there for my father’s new job, it was my first time living abroad. —— ‘‘This is your classroom’’ said Jamla, switching on the light. It flickered […]

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Remarkable Relics at Istanbul Archaeological Museums.

Remarkable Relics at Istanbul Archaeological Museums. October 2020. How much incredibly beautiful ancient art is it possible to absorb in one city? In the case of Istanbul the answer is, a lot. Just when we thought we’d surely seen the very best of the Turkish capital’s historic artwork and boom, she struck again. What else could possibly […]

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Istanbul’s Unique Cast Iron Bulgarian Church.

Istanbul’s Unusual Cast Iron Bulgarian Church. October 2020. Having crossed off a large chunk of Istanbul’s grand highlights, Sladja and I were now firmly focusing on one of our favourite travel territories. Yes, those underrated and often unique and unusual spots that tickle the curiosity. Well, our curiosity at least. We certainly hadn’t been seeking […]

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Astonishing Art at The Great Palace Mosaic Museum.

Astonishing Art at The Great Palace Mosaic Museum. October 2020. Earlier in this series I suggested that the city of Istanbul can be viewed as a tale of two palaces. If you haven’t already checked out my pieces on Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahçe Palace, please do, these sights are absolute gems! While I stand by what […]

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Stillness and Silence at Theodosius Cistern.

Stillness and Silence at Theodosius Cistern. September 2020. Posted just over a month ago, readers may recall my article about the marvellous Basilica Cistern. One of Istanbul’s most absorbing historic sights, the cistern is just one of 70 giant underground reservoirs built by the city’s ancient Byzantine rulers in order to supply water to the […]

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