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Travel Report: The David Bowie Mural, London.

The David Bowie Mural, Brixton, London. May 2019. I didn’t get into David Bowie until I was in my early thirties. In fact, I’m not sure how his unbridled brilliance escaped me. Obviously I knew who he was and had become familiar with a handful of his biggest hits. But it wasn’t until I bought […]

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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Hanoi.

Cool Spots Around Hanoi. April 2018. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read my eight feature length articles from the Vietnamese capital. Now, wrapping the series up, here’s the best of the rest with some Cool Spots Around Hanoi. If you’ve only got time for one of Hanoi’s three lakes, it simply has […]

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Travel Report: Hanoi Train Street.

Hanoi Train Street. April 2018. I was starting to think that I would never find Hanoi Train Street. With no official listing on any online map app, I’d been relying on written directions from a blog article. Directions that turned out be… if I’m charitable… patchy. And so unfolded a frustrating hour of walking around […]

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Travel Report: Temple of Literature, Hanoi.

Temple of Literature. Hanoi, Vietnam. April 2018. No matter where I go, I aways seem to bump into my old buddy Confucius. Indeed I’ve been to perhaps a dozen temples across the world dedicated to the famous philosopher. I’ve also photographed statues of the celebrated old sage in Thailand. And visited Hyanggyo School, constructed in his […]

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Travel Report: Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre. Hanoi, Vietnam. Cover photo courtesy of Jean-Pierre Dalbéra. April 2018. I’d never seen a water puppet performance before. In fact, I hadn’t been aware it was even a thing until I started planning my trip to Vietnam. The more I read, the more I realised seeing a water puppet show […]

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Travel Report: Hoa Lo Prison, Hanoi.

Hoa Lo Prison, Hanoi, Vietnam. April 2018. If you’re visiting Hanoi and have the means to treat yourself to a luxurious stay, one might consider the Hilton Hanoi Opera. I’m sure you can picture the place, without even looking. Rooms feature elegantly handcrafted traditional Vietnamese furniture. Moreover, there’s a giant swimming pool, a full range of […]

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Travel Report: Ho Chi Minh Complex, Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh Complex. Hanoi, Vietnam. April 2018. “Ho Chi Minh!” I told the grizzled old moto taxi driver. He replied with a serious nod, then handed me the passenger helmet he kept on his right handlebar. I fitted it over my head, clambered on and we were quickly away, weaving between the traffic down […]

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Travel Report: Florida Nostalgia.

Florida Nostalgia. The summers of 1989, 1991, 1994. Hey folks, I’m gonna try something different today. In fact, this is is not your usual programming. After eight instalments documenting my U.S. travel nostalgia, I found myself tempted by the prospect of concluding the series with a piece that goes even further back. Now when I say […]

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