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2022: Home Comforts & The Midnight Plane to Georgia.

2022: Home Comforts & The Midnight Plane to Georgia. Can it really be that another year has passed? Bear with me a moment (incidental music). I have just checked my calendar and yes, it would appear another twelve months have flown by. I swear, it’s going faster and faster every year. Thus it’s time for […]

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Travel Report: Church of St Sava, Belgrade.

Church of St Sava, Belgrade. August 2019. Belgrade is a city that’s positively blessed with picturesque churches. Among the finest of these structures, I’ve already blogged about the stunning St Mark’s Church. And the exceptionally pretty St Petka’s Chapel and Ruzica Church nestled within Belgrade Fortress. However, if I had to choose the Serbian capital’s […]

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Finding Tito in the Museum of Yugoslavia.

Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade. August 2019. I hadn’t been aware of it before my visit to the Serbian capital. But actually my general knowledge of modern history and its key world leaders had a large Yugoslavia shaped hole in it. Churchill? Sure, I have a solid overview. Stalin? Yup, I could certainly give you a […]

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An Afternoon Exploring Zemun, Belgrade.

An Afternoon Exploring Zemun, Belgrade. August 2019. It was yet another sweltering sunny day in Belgrade as Sladja and I rumbled through the city in a bus destined for the neighbourhood of Zemun. For the first time we were leaving downtown behind for a change of scenery and pace. Nestled on and around the right […]

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Travel Report: Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade.

Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade. August 2019. I would like to think that, for the most part, I’m a positive travel blogger. You know, someone who takes a half glass full approach to writing up my adventures across the globe. That’s not to say that I ignore the negatives or try to paint a whitewashed picture. Rather, […]

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Travel Report: Exploring Belgrade Fortress.

Exploring Belgrade Fortress, Serbia. August 2019. When I look back on my first visit to the Serbian capital, it doesn’t get any more nostalgic than Belgrade Fortress. This is one of the country’s most iconic and historic sites. A majestic beast of a cultural monument with a killer location perched above the confluence of the […]

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Travel Report: St Mark’s Church, Belgrade.

St Mark’s Church, Belgrade. August 2019. Sladja and I had had a fantastic few hours exploring the sights of Tasmajdan Park. Now, at last, it was time to head inside its most dominant landmark, St Mark’s Church. This handsome Serbo-Byzantine structure opened in 1940 upon the designs of the Krstić brothers, two of Serbia’s most acclaimed […]

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Travel Report: Tasmajdan Park, Belgrade.

Tasmajdan Park, Belgrade. August 2019. I’ll never forget my first summer in Belgrade. It was the early days of my relationship with Sladja and there was a palpable sense of excitement and expectancy between us. In fact, I had come to the Serbian capital so that… at long last… we could finally hang out. An […]

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