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Bring Your Own Bog Roll, a short story from Slovakia.

Bring Your Own Bog Roll, a short story from Slovakia. In September 2002 I rocked up in Bratislava with a couple of bags and just enough cash to last until my first pay check. And so unfolded one of the great years of my life… —— ‘‘No, this one also doesn’t work’’ growled Zuzana, beating her […]

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Travel Report: Chattanooga Nostalgia.

Chattanooga Nostalgia. Cover photo courtesy of Imilious. May 2009. “Woo, woo, Chattanooga, there you are! There’s gonna be a certain party at the station!” And so goes the 1941 big band swing tune Chattanooga Choo Choo by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. Written by the American composers Harry Warren and Mack Gordon, the song stands as a playful […]

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Travel Report: Washington DC Nostalgia.

Washington DC Nostalgia. May 2007 & May 2009. Once upon a time, in what often feels like a galaxy far far away, my friend Henry lived and worked in Washington DC. I’d known Henry since our days living in the Belgian city of Leuven, where we used to meet up to watch live football. That’s […]

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Travel Report: Hard Days Night Hotel.

Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool. May 2019. As a diehard Beatles fan who’d come to Liverpool to conduct as much Beatlesy business as I could, there really was only one place to stay. It just had to be the world’s only Beatles inspired hotel. When I was planning my trip to Liverpool, I simply couldn’t see past […]

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Travel Report: Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. May 2019. So this was one of CNN’s ugliest cathedrals in the world? This was the “hideous eyesore” that stands only as a personal insult to those who have to pray in it? This was the building that thousands of TripAdvisor moaners had ranted about to the point of near self-combustion? Hm, not […]

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Travel Report: St Luke’s Bombed Out Church.

St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, Liverpool. May 2019. Head onto my search bar here at Leighton Travels, type in church, and you’ll get a whole bunch of articles zipping up from across 30+ countries. And yet I’m still confident that until now I haven’t blogged about anything quite like Liverpool’s amazing St Luke’s Church. Better known to […]

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Travel Report: Sefton Park, Liverpool.

Sefton Park, Liverpool. May 2019. It was another sunny day in Liverpool. Hence Steppers and I knew we had to take full advantage with a visit to the city’s historical and much-loved Sefton Park. This gorgeous green space began life in 1867 when The Liverpool Corporation purchased it from the ludicrously wealthy Molyneux family, the Earls […]

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Travel Report: Phetchaburi, Thailand.

Phetchaburi, Thailand. —— April 2015. “Welcome to monkey city!!!” cried the receptionist at White Monkey Guesthouse. “You wanna see old palace? Is here on map”, he explained, circling a huge, sprawling hilly area. “You wanna see cave temple, is here” he continued, adding another messy blue circle. “And old monastery…. here”. He then handed me the […]

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Travel Report: Rabbit Island, Cambodia.

Rabbit Island, Cambodia. —— August 2020. It felt great to be finally taking our foot off the gas. While we had enjoyed all our field trips across Kep, for the most part each adventure had been quite the physical demand. From The Crab Market and the abandoned villas to Kep National Park and Samathi Pagoda, […]

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Travel Report: Samathi Pagoda, Kep.

Samathi Pagoda, Kep, Cambodia. —— August 2020. After a somewhat disappointing afternoon hiking around Kep National Park, I found myself letting out a sigh of relief when our tuk tuk rumbled to a halt outside Samathi Pagoda. “Yes, we made it!” From the moment Sladja and I spotted its orange-gold roof sticking out of the […]

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