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Angela Habibi, a short story from Qatar.

In the summer of 2001 I boarded a near-empty Qatar Airways flight to Doha. Reuniting with my family who’d recently moved there for my father’s new job, it was my first time living abroad. The residential blocks of Qatar Aeronautical College were grey, characterless slabs that looked virtually identical. In fact, the only way of […]

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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Harbin, China.

February 2010. I clearly remember my boss’ reaction when I told her I was going to Harbin for Chinese New Year. “Oh, really? You shouldn’t go there, it’s very cold!” Of course I told her all about the city’s stupendous Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival, the atmospheric Jile Temple and the grisly Siberian Tiger Park. […]

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Travel Report: Haoyue Park – Gulangyu Island, China.

August 2017. You could easily spend two or three days exploring Gulangyu Island. But if you find yourself on limited time, map out a walking route to the island’s northwestern tip for the dramatically located Haoyue Park. This landscaped complex can be accessed via a pretty beach and is situated around the towering Fuding Rock. […]

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Travel Report: Xiamen University, China.

August 2017. I hadn’t even thought of visiting Xiamen University, not until a friend of mine suggested it. “It’s one of the most beautiful campuses in China!” she claimed. So off I went, full of anticipation. When I arrived at the entrance gates, I was met by a long line of people snaking down Yanwu […]

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Travel Report: Kep Crab Market, Cambodia.

December 2015. What an oddly fascinating day we’d had wandering around the Cambodian ghost city of Kep. We’d strolled across tiny Kep Beach, admired the old flaky colonial villas and walked for hours down its neglected promenade. Along the way we exchanged greetings with sittin’ doin’ nothin locals and saw the dusty old amusement park […]

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