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Visit The Scottish Borders

The River Tweed Caddonfoot The Scottish Borders.

The River Tweed at Caddonfoot, The Scottish Borders.

One of the many perks of my nomadic lifestyle is that there are at least three or four places I like to think of as home.

Primarily, I will always be from Hammersmith, the area of London I hail from. At the same time, I consider Tooting Bec my London neighbourhood. After all, that’s where I come and stay whenever I’m back in the English capital.

Sweethope Hill The Scottish Borders

Sweethope Hill, The Scottish Borders. December, 2007.

Furthermore, I’ve spent so much time in Scotland I feel a few pieces of me belong there too. At least one of these parts (my legs perhaps) has a place in The Scottish Borders.

This is where my parents have been based for the better part of the last sixteen years. Firstly in a tiny hamlet near Kelso, these days in the textiles town of Galashiels.

Visit Galashiels The Scottish Borders.

Galashiels, The Scottish Borders.

It wasn’t until I began raking through my photo archives that I realised just how much material I have from around The Scottish Borders.

A visit here always involves hours of dog walking. Hence my dad and I have made tracks all over the county with a succession of Thomas family dogs; from Inde and Solo to our current canine River.

Dog walking Sweethope The Scottish Borders.

Solo on the route up to Sweethope Hill, Kelso.

Subsequently, it’s been a huge amount of fun putting together these reports from dense forests, rocky hills, rolling farmland, ruined towers and historical monuments.

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