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Visit Hue

Visit Hue Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc.

Visit Hue: Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc.

In late April, 2018, my travels across Vietnam took me to the pretty river city of Hue. While hardly a household name internationally, this amazing city certainly deserves a place on any cross-country itinerary.

First, you’ve got the outstanding UNESCO-championed remains of the Imperial City. Located within a walled enclosure of Hue citadel, this 19th century complex was home to Emperor Gia Long, founder of the Nguyen Dynasty. That’s the last of the Vietnamese dynasties, don’t you know.

Visit Hue: The Imperial City.

Visit Hue: The Imperial City.

Moreover, Hue is the perfect base for exploring the nearby Royal Tombs. The final resting places, in fact, for seven of Vietnam’s great emperors, including Gia Long. 

Even if one doesn’t bother with the main sights, Hue is certainly a lovely place to stay for a few nights. Seductively perched on The Perfume River, it is a city of handsome bridges, plentiful fish restaurants and trendy cafes.

Visit Hue Truong Tien Bridge.

Visit Hue: Truong Tien Bridge.

Furthermore, I made time to explore the historic grounds of Truong Quoc Hoc, one of Vietnam’s most prestigious secondary schools. And indeed for a visit to nearby Thuy Thanh Village and its gorgeous Japanese covered bridge.

National School Hue Vietnam.

Visit Hue: The National School.

I’m so glad I took the time to discover this charming Vietnamese city. Thus I invite you to visit Hue through my travel articles on:

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& my handpicked spots across the city. 

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