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Visit Seville

Visit Seville.

Visit Seville.

In the spring of 2017 my good friend Wonderboy came to visit me in Spain. It was his second time staying at Casa Lignon, my apartment in the city of Malaga.

Having covered most of Malaga’s sights on his first visit, we figured a grand trip was in order. Immediately, I knew it had to be Seville, an unmissable city still unticked on my great Andalusia to-do list.

Visit The Alcazar.

Visit Seville: The Alcázar.

We certainly made the right choice! Positively dripping with history, a visit to Seville is like stepping through a doorway into the past. Wonderboy and I spent two days exploring the city’s incredible sights, set between street after charming, medieval street.

Among the many highlights stands one of the world’s most dramatic city squares, a resplendent royal palace and yet another amazing Andalusian cathedral.  

Visit Seville Granada Cathedral.

Visit Seville: Granada Cathedral.

Moreover, we drank in the street art and live music, strolled the banks of The Guadalquivir River and sought out one of Spain’s most controversial sculptures.

For the most part, I’d done my trips around Andalusia solo. Hence it was nice to share this one, especially with Wonderboy, my most prolific travel accomplice.

Guadalquivir River.

Visit Seville: The Guadalquivir River.

For the full lowdown on these discoveries, let’s visit Seville with my travel articles on:

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and my choice spots from across the city.

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